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Naisu Region Fakedex by pokeluka

Positive aspects:
+ Amazing lining, colouring and shading.
+ Perfectly suited to Pokémon style. Not many weird shapes or concepts.
+ Original ideas.
+ Ideas that might have been already developed are skillfully reinvented and given a new perspective.
+ It's hard to decide which ones are your favourite, which is a good point. However, I would like to highlight the evolines of STAREEF, SNOOK and CALABINE.
+ STAREEF and STARABYSS are just incredible. Although the sea star idea has already been exploited by STARYU and STARMIE in 1st Generation, these two do not have anything to envy. Both tenderness in STAREEF and ferocity in STARABYSS are greatly achieved. Congratulations.
+ The base concept of SNOOK is hard to be exploited without falling into "too-human" shapes. However, you've accomplished to make it a possible snowman Fakemon, and even candidate for many teams.
+ Something similar happens to the concept of CALABINE, as it is hard to be developed and it has unexpectedly resulted in a great evoline in this Fakedex. A vegetable have never seemed this superb.

Negative points
- I think a rat-like Fakemon line as starter is not the best thing. Rats are not usually liked or do not usually deserve one's affection in real life, so it would be hard to feel it for the IGNOUSE evoline.
- FINNIPED has a rather weird pair of feet. I try to figure out if that's a water splash or real feet. It's so cute though!
- I was quite disappointed with the renewal of the MANOON line. Old BANDRILL is the Fakemon I've liked the most of your Fakedex. You have changed it to a less original design and added an unnecessary evolution (which I don't like at all).
- The ACEAUNT group is just too forced. It's your only evoline that does not fit with Pokémon style. Cards are too-object ideas and are so hard to be represented by Pokémons. Anyway, I consider you talented enough to do that.

Honestly, you have so much talent and imagination and you know how to channel it. Keep going and do not fall into easy concepts or repetitive designs; because your originality and unique perspectives are your best weapons.
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gamesdisk Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Im going to chip in about the Rat too, The real fire starters are all zodiac members. In fact we have the fire mouse Cyndaquil. Keeping with the myth, this fakemon is more "Right"
Maybe if it had a 'nicer' fury tail it would be more pleasing to the eye? The worm tail is always a bit freaky.
IchigoKonKon Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
It's a good critique but why on earth do you think rats don't deserve affection or attention? That's a silly reason and doesn't really help from an actual artistic standpoint.
JoeBuenoA Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
Well, chill out.

It's just a personal opinion. Rats are known to proliferate among dirt, pollution and especially disease; so they are not usually people's cup of tea.

I had a family of hamsters some years ago, so it's nothing personal against rodents or whatsoever.
IchigoKonKon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
I wasn't upset, so I don't understand the need to say "chill out". I was simply stating my opinion and I apologize if it came off as attacking in nature.
I respect your opinion of course, and I also disagree. Just as you are able to disagree with me. I think we both stated our opinions and that's fair.
pokeluka Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
What pleases me the most is that you explained every single argument (good or bad ones). Every fact is on place, and i'm glad that you wrote this critique, it gives me a better overall look on my fakedex. Another good thing is that there are more positive aspects than the negative ones xD

Thank you for this well written critique
JoeBuenoA Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
I'm glad you liked my critique.

Thank you for giving me material to write about. Request my critique whenever you feel the need. I would be more than pleased to write one.
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