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006 Pharaox by HourglassHero


The CAFLARE line is probably one of the best Fire starter line I've seen all over DeviantArt.

The Egyptian idea might not be the most original one, as many have already developed it. However, you've mixed it with the idea of the Golden Calf and it has resulted in a very very innovative Fakémon.

Respecting PHARAOX specifically, I have positive and negative things to highlight.

The positive ones:
+ PHARAOX is not over-dressed or excessively charged with horns, spikes and flames. I love the way its simplicity enhances the design.
+ Its pose (legs and face) is especially challenging and gives an impression of superiority.
+ The face, the eyes, the blue-chin thing and the horns makes the lamb superb.

The negative ones:
- The name is too related to "Pharaoh" and leaves little to imagination. I wouldn't be able to suggest you another name, but I consider you talented enough to work something out.
- Flames on the ankles are weird. Either they go round the whole ankle or they are badly drawn in one of the legs.
- Although it is an insignificant nuance, I would say the tail could be redesigned. It's difficult to know if it is plain as a sheet of paper or has some volume and therefore the final rhombus should too.

Marvelous work respecting the whole evoline. Be careful with the rest of final stages of starters, because they should all follow the simplicity pattern, not to highlight any over the other. Great, admirable job. Keep going :)
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